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Street Art Tour Naples: the old city center 

Meeting point at Piazza Bellini, in the old city. We will discover the murals of the old city center: street art works such as the little man of Exit Enter, the underwater world of Blub, the ciaciona of Trallallà, and the sticker art of Whatifier, Undeterred and many other artists. We will walk through the alleys of the ancient Neapolis, along the decumani, up to the Duomo, to see the "San Gennaro", drawn by Jorit and the "Mission Possible" by Roxy in the box. Duration of the tour: 2 hours

Street art tour Naples: Materdei

Meeting point by Materdei metro station. Around there, we will find the murals of street artists such as Francisco Bosoletti (with his tribute to the women of Naples), Yuri_hoppn and many others. We proceed towards the Stella district, where we will find the mural dedicated to Salvo D'Acquisto and other works by Diego Miedo and Zolta. Let's go back to the starting point and take the opportunity to admire the works on the facade of the EX OPG, first of all Blu's mural. Duration of the tour: 2 hours

Street art tour Naples: Montesanto

Meeting point at Piazza Dante, next to the statue of the poet. We stop at Port'Alba to see the works of Trallallà, Creativa Gomma and other street artists. We then cross the alleys of the Montesanto area to discover street artists such as Lediesis, Roxy in the box, Erika il cane, Flase, Aldam, Ciop & Kaf and many others. Duration of the tour: 2 hours

Street art tour Naples: Rione Sanità

Meeting point by the metro station Materdei. We head to the Sanità and discover murals drawn by Mono Gonzalez, Tono Cruz, Francisco Bosoletti and others. We will talk about Iranian street art and its murals made by Nafir, Serror and FRZ. We will then head towards Borgo Vergini, we will see the alley of culture, the works dedicated to Totò and the works of other street artists, including Facte and Irene Lasivita.

Street art tour Naples: Università area

The Università area is very rich of street art works: drawings, posters, stickers, stencils ... We meet in via Duomo, by the Cathedral. Let's go and discover "Mission Possible" by Roxy in the box, and then Jorit's San Gennaro. We go then towards the Università area, in order to see works made by Mono Gonzalez, Creativa Gomma, Edie, Trallallà and others. Near the church of Santa Maria la Nova, where the tour ends, the angels of Žilda and works dedicated to Pino Daniele wait for us.

Street art Naples: Spanish Quarter

Meeting point at piazza Carità. We go up towards the Spanish Quarter. The first mural to surprise us is "Care of knowledge", dedicated by MP5 to Hypatia, an astronomer and scientist of the 15th century. We enter the alleys and discover the project headed by Ciop & Kaf, two anonymous street artists who decorated most of the "bassi" (small apartments, located at the street level) of the neighborhood . We'll see the Vico Totò, where many artists have paid homage to the Neapolitan actor with their murals. Then let's go and see the Largo degli artists, where, in addition to the works of Fabrizio Esposito, Leone Peretti and others, we find the "Isis" by Francisco Bosoletti and the mural by Maradona

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